Java to Kotlin: A Refactoring Guidebook


2022-11-25. Sample Chapter 5 - Beans to Values

Today we’re publishing the introduction to Chapter 5 - Beans to Values.

2022-08-25. Sample Chapter 7 - Actions to Calculations

We have found Eric Normand’s division of code into Data, Calculation and Actions very useful. He introduces the concept in his excellent podcast and book Grokking Simplicity.

2021-12-18. Route Changes

When we wrote the book, the latest Kotlin version was 1.4. The Kotlin team released version 1.5 just as we went to print. Now the Kotlin team have released 1.6 and started announcing features that will be in 1.7.

2021-10-24. Writing Software to Write About Writing Software

Duncan has written about the tools we wrote to help us write the book on his blog.

2021-10-24. Talking Kotlin

Duncan and Nat joined Hadi and Sebastian on the Talking Kotlin podcast to talk about the book, refactoring strategies, the benefits of functional programming, how teams migrate their systems to Kotlin, features we’d like to see Kotlin adopt in the future, and much, much more.